Coming from heart by Ahmed Soliman

In a time full of hatred, discrimination, and all sorts of arrogance, I found myself having a deep passion in my heart to show up and give a spotlight trough my inspirational videos to the top treasures : blessings in our lives and the high ethical values the Lord implanted in humankind that are aimed by His will to be embraced and used while we live together on this planet.

And result in sharing love, empathy, sympathy and be heartwarming within us despite our diversity and differences, which also where His will.

And then continue by establishing the knowledge and science for all humankinds benefit, that will lead to prosperity and the discovery of the beauty of His wisdom as the Great Almighty, the Creator of this beauty of life and the Universe.

And then lead to making this life a better place to live, seeking His Love and spreading that Love within us. I love you all no matter where you are from, where you come from or what your belief is. Because we all are the Creation of the Lord. We came to the World, not by our will, but to show how we can to work together through His Grace to harmonize and proper together despite our diversity – only for the sake of His Love and for the prosperity of the humanity.

So please Love, Share and Spread Kindness.

Be the reason for someone Happiness.

Life is a matter of moments.

So, make something you feel proud of in this life, and the next because it’s worth all our Love.

Messages Coming from the Lord


Don’t Stop Moving