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Euridice Alves

Director of The Impossible is Possible Ltd Company ‘’Everything is Possible you just need to believe’’
The Light is inside of you! ‘’I AM’’ is your Secret! Balance your Mind, Heart and Soul and Miracles Happen! The Sun is Shining for You!

Euridice is the Founder Director of The Impossible is Possible Ltd Company with more than 30 years’ experience in mentoring and consultancy acquired by her different businesses in different Industries as well as mentoring Undergraduates. Her passion was and is to help others finding their own potential and transform it in their dreams.
Through our lives we learn different subjects for be able step by step to find out who we are and what we are looking for. Sometimes this is an easy straight forward mission, but this can be as well different challenges to be able to get where we want to be.
Mentoring and Consultant services are available for you through our experiences, knowledge, expertise and passion to guide you in a way that you are able to make your right decisions in a way you can make all your dreams come true because we believe that everything is possible as soon as you want and work for it.

The Director Of The Company

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Euridice Alves I was born in a beautiful city called Luanda in Angola where I could feel paradise around everything around me. As a little happy and loved child I start helping others through my energy, curiosity, kindness, communication, enthusiasm, creativity, and passion. I was considered by everyone around me a role model, an incredible child with an extraordinary behaviour.

Since then I didn’t stop to improve myself for be able to understand every single person on my way because I knew that a certain point in my life this could guide me to a position where I could make a difference in people’s life’s and not just be one more human being in the world.

My Mentor skills started by my heart and soul and today is complemented with knowledge experience and expertise ready to serve you to find the right solutions for your problems and that could be your struggling with your studies, relationships with others, problems with parents, friends, colleagues, conflicts at work, business improvement or any other issue around you that is not giving you permission to move forward and achieve what you are looking for.  

I grew up in the middle of Entrepreneurs from 75 different countries and I was participating in different events every single day such as meetings, conferences, international fairs, parties and also traveling a lot to different places in Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

I had my own business such as: whole sales for construction and gardening’s, shoes manufacturing, Ice cream manufacturing, café snack bar, a pub and a Private school for adults and children. As an owner of the companies I mentioned my priority always was to make sure that everyone around me could be happy and work towards their own achievements and dreams because I believe when  we give we receive and everything is possible.

Gopendra Patel

CEO of The Impossible is Possible Ltd Company
“Nothing is Impossible to a great willing heart”
“Life is very short, and we have been given a certain amount of time to make our mark in this world. So, let us collaborate and transfer our list of goals and big dreams from paper to reality.”

An Entrepreneur who is Intuitive, Passionate, Flexible and Mindful, an accomplished professional mentor, who has a flair for creating lasting value and a strong acumen to sense and deliver on the ever-evolving needs of the clients. Having developed unique propositions and business solutions targeted at assisting businesses unleash their full potential. He combines corporate functions of servicing, acquisition and retention with equal ease keeping a sharp focus on value.

Gopendra Patel has a total of 15 plus years of rich experience in personal development. He brings life to the smallest of ventures by his passion, enthusiasm, and zeal.

He truly believes in the mantra “The impossible is possible.”

In today’s world we need to deliver and put forward the best of mentoring, consultation, support and above all impeccable service to be able to win the client and create a great impact. His belief and proof of dedication and commitment to create lasting value through innovative solutions and propositions that support business growth.

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